What Drives Us

As a Williams Estate & Financial Group client, you will have access to Baystate Financial and their team of professionals who are the most highly respected in the industry. These individuals are available as a resource to work with you and your advisor to design and implement a financial strategy to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you are a business owner, rising executive or retiree, Baystate Financial has the experience you need to develop a strategy designed to help meet your needs.


Who We Are

Jay and his team are dedicated to working with Southcoast families, business owners, and medical professionals in their unique situations.  The focus is always on helping individuals work towards the goals they wish to achieve while preserving what they have worked hard to build.  

At Williams Estate and Financial Group, we strive to exceed our clients' expectations by focusing on educating and giving them the individualized attention they deserve. By listening to our clients' objectives and working with them and their advisors, we serve as a catalyst in the planning process, completing a custom and integrated plan, and helping clients meet their estate, retirement and legacy planning objectives. Our estate planning analysis is designed to help our clients use their retirement resources without sacrificing their retirement plan. Our unique, comprehensive approach  utilizes  our unparalleled resources and leads to strong, long-term relationships with our clients, their families, business and advisors.

All too often, we find that most of our clients have what we refer to as the typical triangle of advisors.  They have an attorney, an accountant and a money manager.  The question we always ask to clients is: How often do those advisors get together in a room and speak about your plan?  How much are they really on the same page?  We find that this is a major contributing factor in why some important aspects of planning fall through the cracks with a family's overall plan.

When working with our clients, we focus on bringing the three aspects of planning:  Estate, Retirement, and Tax planning, all together under one comprehensive plan.  
We work alongside current advisors to help make our clients' plans more efficient.   We can do this by simply supplementing the good work which has already been done with new techniques which focus first on saving money in taxes and then by fully integrating a retirement plan into one's estate plan.

What Drives Us – Jay's Motivation

My main reason for establishing this company was a family emergency which has affected my family and life profoundly.  In 2009, things weren't good for the economy, or, for a lot of people.  For my family in particular, things were really stressful.  One morning my father, owner of our family law practice, walked in and told me he was sick with pancreatic cancer.  While he was getting ready to deal with his treatment, he asked me to prepare for the worst.  In looking over what he believed to be a sound estate plan, I was shocked to learn that even though he had done some planning, all of my father's assets would probably need to be sold to pay estate taxes, leaving the family with nothing left.  This difficult experience taught me that a lot of people feel or think that they are all set.  Even though people may have done some planning, their plan needs to be consistently monitored, updated and reviewed.  

I began this company to promote thorough planning.  I never want any family to be in the position that mine was in.  It is of paramount importance that the those I work with understand their plan and are reminded to review changes that might result in updates to what they have created.  

Thankfully, my father figured out the best estate plan possible, that is, surviving.  We are very blessed to have a miracle provided to us and are thankful everyday.  I now spend my days focusing on giving back to other families.